The following videos are tutorials for Closet Designer by Rubbermaid. These same videos are available inside the app in the help section.


3m 39s

Creating New Projects

1m 36s

Creating New Designs

1m 17s

Choosing Finish

1m 02s

Drawing Walls

2m 10s

Adding Wall Obstructions

4m 13s

Editing Wall Obstructions

1m 09s

2D Elevation View

0m 47s

Changing Component Configurations

4m 0s

Selecting Output Options

2m 18s

Application Settings

1m 46s

Normal and Advanced Mode

1m 52s

Using Top Shelves

1m 16s

Choosing Templates

0m 29s

Custom Sections

5m 23s

Sales Rules

8m 29s

Job Summary Details

2m 12s

Editing Templates

1m 23s

CDR Tips and Tricks

12m 30s

Designing Garages

4m 50s

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